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It has been a while since I have updated. Blah blah blah.

Working with PROMO has been awesome. We have so many projects going its amazing that we have any fun at all. The Politics and Performance fundraiser went well. Currently we are working on a joint dodgeball fundraiser for PROMO and KCAVP, as well as a 20th anniversary brunch for PROMO.
The Equality Summit is coming up soon and we are up to our eyeballs in the upcoming Creating Change conference. I actually volunteered myself as the chair for the diversity committee. Indeed.
We are also working to form a coalition between groups/organizations who work with lgbt youth - working through a mission statement and name has proven to be quite a task but we are on the right path.
The primary is just around the corner - August 8th - so check out Jolie Justus for State Senate. This weekend is the PROMO's 20th anniversary soiree - the invitation said 'upscale chic'. I think that is so ridiculous so we are going to figure out how to look fancy/ridiculous/outrageous for our St. Louis adventure.

Saw Peaches last weekend in Lawrence. Amazing, amazing, amazing show! There were dancers and dancing, sweat and more sweat. Scantily clad ladies of Burly Q fame, JD from LeTigre, and the most beautiful drummer in the world. (Samantha Malone from Hole.) Finally got to see Eagles of Death Metal - I like, I like. The lead singer has awesome facial hair.

Last week we also had a visit from Bike Aid 2006. These amazing bicyclists are riding from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.. This group have been brought together by Global Exchange and this years theme of lgbt empowerment. They go from community to community working on service projects and volunteering where needed in addition to speaking out about lgbt equality and their ride. Wish I had that kind of dedication but bike riding is not my strongest suit - now scooters, I can get behind that trek. Some of their blogs here and here. We got to spend a bunch of time, most of it drinking and eating. Fun group, I wish them success on the rest of their journey.

Travelled to Branson last week. Strange town with lots of outlet shopping, mountain driving, dinner show watching, country and christian humor. Good food but at one resturant we were faced with a menu section called 'Coon Hollar Specials'. Many a time we came up on the good ol' confederate flag. You don't realize how much Missouri is a apart of the south until you're in the Ozarks. Lovely.
Other than that the trip was ok. Got to see a magic show with tigers, cheetahs, and panthers but left before they brought out the unicorn. :( Better than being disappointed by a horse with a horn glued to its head. Lots of swimming as our hotel had an indoor pool and jacuzzi that was open until midnight.

Working as an associate producer on a student documentary from here until the winter. We have already started putting it in motion and I am very excited - we actually have money to budget! This fall is already turning out to be busy. Waiting on word regarding the graduate intern position at the Women's Center. Hopefully my department will be able to scrape up a teaching assistant position for me. The UNews is still on my plate and we are currently working on our paper size change and getting together our ad department.

Retooling the site for CodePink so we are not relying on MySpace servers so go visit, love it.

I must actually get some sleep now. Tomorrow is another busy day.

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