Nascent Realizations

Early this morning I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that somehow I was to be killed by an assassin. Instead they killed what they thought was me. When the assassin saw that she had killed the wrong person, who looked a lot like me, she told me to grab some things and escape as the clean up crew would arrive soon.

I set about picking out the things out of my room in the apartment which morphed into a house, my parents house. Somehow I had some stuffed dog I was trying to take with me. I grabbed notebooks, socks, photos, too much, I was taking too long.
The clean up crew arrived, I was still there debating on taking my diploma. The assassin told me to leave it for my parents.

The clean up crew supposedly knew the target, my hair had changed covering half of my face. I felt that I knew someone in the clean up crew. Someone told me that I better be glad I wasn't the target, I agreed audibly and wholeheartedly. Another came in saying that she heard a word that reminded her of someone. I was terrified. I could feel the assassin tense up.

The assassin said that my parents would reveal the truth and get me killed, that I could no longer be what they knew, Jovan was dead. She told me to go, GO!

As I left for the door I looked back, my parents were about the house. My dad spotted me and said 'Hey, Jovan!' The assassin tried to distract, telling him he was wrong, telling me to GO. My brother opened the door to look after me. I ran, though yards, past children playing, behind bushes, over fences.

I knew my life depended on me getting away, depended on them no longer knowing the me that lay dead on the floor.

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