assorted nonsense

So much has been going on. September has taken me by storm but in such a good way. Too bad when you change the world continues to stay the same. Before I left I got the graduate teaching position for a course in the history of the film industry, when I came back I landed an internship with the Kansas City Film Jubilee doing education/youth outreach.
A black filmmaker from the American Film Institute will be teaching a short course in African American cinema here and I am working with the department for a scholarship so I can actually take the class for credit. I am immensely pumped - for an urban university we currently have no course in African American cinema.
The documentary that I am currently working on is going well and people are excited when I pitch it to them, the company and artists are excited as well.

I have much to write about but sleep is more important at this point. So many things to work out. So much forgiving that I need to implement. I wish so many things were easier to grasp but they remain elusive.

Atlanta was amazing, I am ready to move. Now if only I can get into the program I want. I will be in New York from Monday to Thursday. Perhaps I will wish to move there as well. Chicago may be in the plans for October.
My fingers are crossed as I am quickly hitting up my travel checklist. It feels so good to be going to the places I have only dreamed and schemed about.
Kansas City remains the same. Same nonsense, feeling out of place in my own hometown. Dating is a sad joke here and I do not find it funny at all.
I try my damnedest to remain optimistic but it is not the easiest of tasks. Instead I have a couple of pet rats, a ficus tree, an small aquarium of assorted fishes, frogs, and a snail. (I really love animals and am trying desperately to not get a kitty or puppy.) Must not forget that I got wind-chimes for my balconies.
My roommate better get to the US before I turn this apartment into a petting zoo.

For those interested here are some photos from the last few weeks.
No Bush, No Talent Show

P.S. For the most part I am happy in my life right now. When people ask me how I am I say 'good', and I mean it. I am just ready to hit the next level, to make that next improvement, to meet more awesome people, to travel farther, to further realize my personal power, to fully become Jovan.