peach fuzz

I need to say something and it is something that I have been hesitant to talk about until recently.

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. It's this icky icky medical diagnosis that includes irregular/absent periods, acne, and weight gain. The list can go on and on and on. A lot of this culminates in obesity and diabetes (oh and certain death) if I dont get a handle on it now. As a bonus there are support communities like SoulCysters that I can join. (Get it? Soul Cysters... heh.)
In and of itself PCOS cannot be treated, only the symptoms can be managed. Changing diet and exercise habits is the first but hardest aspect of treatment. So far they have me on medication for insulin resistance, another to block excess androgen, and progesterone to temporarily make me menstruate. There is talk of putting me on a regular birth control pill - I am resisting that. There are only so many pills I want to take in one day.

In addition to those symptoms I am in the process of growing one mean beard. It started out as one hair here, then two hairs there and has now evolved into a little forest directly beneath my chin, a little bit of fuzz on my chin and a pair of oh so fuzzy chops. I spy the little hairs on my upper lip beginning to thicken.
I am a hairy lady, I am (or will be) the bearded lady. It's scary but fun in a queer way. I am coming out as hirsute. Bear in mind I don't even know how to pronounce that. Her-sweet, hur-suit, nope still don't know. There is a medication cream to take care of that but it is pretty pricey at nearly $60 a bottle. I have laser hair removal already purchased but have been terrified to start the process. Plus, I'm starting to like the chops.