the long end feels a lot shorter than you can imagine

There is something utterly amazing about a woman who will tend to your fires while you are gone. Putting them out while still trying to make sure that you feel supported and loved. Putting the pups, the ratties, my family, me to sleep.

Talked about applying for a couple of organizing jobs in New York City. A day of crabbiness and melancholy. She said, "Yeah, that did get me a wee bit riled up. Not because I don't want you to go, just because I want to too." I need to be more emotionally generous with Billy.

I am not sure how I would have been able to accomplish this summer without her. I stare at the picture of us at the base of the waterfall in Ithaca. There are things to be said. She wants to redefine what it means to be family, I want to be apart of her family.