fall and rise or something like that

Well it happened and it was wonderful. Discussions of expectations and desires. Coy smiles and flustered speech. Her eyes are so expressive while her figidty nature betrays the nervous sexual energy.
Back to my place. Her ready smile put me at ease so I opted for lights on. The kissing was phenomenal and came so easy - no awkward positioning or missed marks. She has beautifully full lips that know exactly where to brush, push and pull back. Clothes came off so easily and without incident. Next I know were on the bed and Im loving every moment. It was as if we were having sex for the 20th time - I didnt feel self conscious about my body or noises and she seemingly knew every spot to stroke. She responded to every moan, scratch and bite in kind. Awesome - as in 3 orgasms - sex.

All I wanted was a good time and with no guilt - well I got both with the next morning feeling happy but sleepy. Wishing that I would not use my cell phone as an alarm so I can turn it off at night.

After she left the hazy after was shattered by calls for explanation and admission of supposed shame. I refused to comply and Red wishes to smash that desire with insincere calls to loyalty and friendship. Admitting that she intervened on her own detached feelings and "friends dont keep secrets!" Well friends also do not hold their friends belongings hostage. Or call them a slut when knowing beforehand what was going down and encouraging it. I understand her ego is feeling bruised and she is combative about sex but she promised she would not go there.

This is something that will be nipped in the bud and I refuse to let it ruin the experience.