Some people in the life I cannot lie to. When I talk to these people the words, pain, and laughter just come tumbling out. I don't hide behind the veneer of 'I'm okay.' or 'It's fine.'
It just happens so naturally. I don't hold my toungue and they open their ears to receive what I have to say. They are few in numbers which makes my love for them so much more.

This is so different from the rest of the world who just wish to lay thier words and secrets into me. I am a good listener and I have been since I was a child. I observe, I take notice, I learn about people. For the most part I really enjoy hearing the stories that people have to tell, hearing the pieces of their lives that they wish to share. But with that comes my own silence. Everybody wants to be heard and I think most people can forget that in the telling of their own tales. I've just become so used to it and expect it.

That is not to say that I wish to talk talk talk, that is not me either. Just occasionally interject a piece of myself into the world if only to make sure I am still alive.