So the heavens continue to spin and I am left wondering when the reeling will cease. I know, it won't.
Girls are as confusing as ever and I don't see that stopping anytime soon either. Every time I think I am just relaxing and going with the flow of things a wrench is thrown into that works. Just been trying to have a good time with little to no drama.

I have not fallen on my head, I am not crazy, I do not have a brain tumor. Bianca and I are going to try that friend thing again. So far, so good.

School, life, and political action have to take precedence. This is the home stretch. Graduation is coming up soon and I must actually graduate. I would feel like such an asshole if I don't at this point.
I went into the graduation fair to price announcements, next thing I know is that I am being sized for my graduation gown. I could say nothing, he just ran through it so fast. Next thing I know I am looking at class rings, announcements and commencement tickets. Talking with Jarrod about a graduation party. What the hell!? I told myself that I was not going to walk - my plan was to actually leave town for the weekend. (I have my eye on Chicago.)
I left the graduation fair without the announcements (I can design something better and cheaper!). You can't take me shopping anywhere.

Have speeded the job finding process. My lab position should get me up til mid-May but I will need something, anything, after that. Still looking to go to D.C. on the so I hope to have a job when I come back on the 21st.

Right now action is on my plate - political action. Photographed the Peace Action on Sunday - will post photos later this week. AAUW Choice speaker tomorrow. Feminist United 'Rally for Choice' on Friday, 2pm, Nichol's Fountain. CODEPINK has arrived in Kansas City. These next two months will be lots of fun.

Everything is spinning so damned fast. I have so much to do and so little time to do it. But I must not get too bogged down; don't want to break down.

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