If you have talked to me in the last few days and I have been a little short or snarky know that it is nothing against you. I have not been feeling well and did not fully realize it until this weekend while sitting around while my kidney area threw bursts of pain through my body. I could not move without being in crazy pain.
Thought it was from not drinking enough water in the last week or so but my doctor suggested it may be kidney stones (DeeJay also suggested this so I blame him for the diagnosis). Fever and sluggishness. The kidney pain went away bit by bit over the weekend. Luckily I broke my fever this morning but I still feel upper respiratory problems. Not good.
If you would have seen what I wore this morning truly the fact that Im not well should have come across. I looked as if a 5 year old dressed me: red shoes, hot pink socks, navy blue pants, bright blue shirt and a brown track jacket. Nothing coordinated or even matched - I looked like I got dressed in the dark!

I just did not fully realize just how stressed I was until this weekend. My body knew but I am of mind to ignore it until I get done what I need to get done. No time to get sick, I cannot schedule sickness. So the magical pause button that will stop the world for a while would be wonderful - a week is all I need. Just one week. (Otherwise who wants to take the GRE for me?)

Otherwise I love my friends. They don't shy/run away when I am cranky and sickly. Lunching with me so I don't eat boxed food in front of the tube. They continue to listen to my inane rambling about life and love, and offering sound advice when I so need it.
I could not have gotten this far through winter and through this semester without you all - online and offline.

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