Leaving on a jet plane...

Heading to Los Angeles in less than one hour. I will be there until mid August. There are so many feelings swirling in and out of my head through my ears. Excitement at the opportunity to work for the Task Force, to be paid to learn how to become a better organizer. I have taken a look at the schedule for the first week and I must say, 'Whoa!' So many trainings, long days, events. Also heading over a little early so I volunteered to work L.A. Pride - when I get into town I already have a training planned.

I am staying in a not-so-great area but I am not very worried - everyone else is worried enough for me. What I am worried about is being broke and without a safety net. What I am worried about is being in a new city without my car. I have only been driving for a few years but I have taken to it greatly.
I will miss my friends, my home, my girlfriend, our dogs and ratties. Gretel's high pitched bark signaling time to wake up, Pip cuddling me back to sleep.
Billy is so amazing and I  will miss her. I have grown accustomed to cuddling her while she sleeps. 
My flight has started to board. I will miss Kansas City.

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Billy said...

I miss your puddliness.