happenings of sorts 2

I worked on downloading the columns to edit when I awoke. I fell asleep quickly and woke just as quick because I needed to be up in two hours. I needed to submit my columns to the paper and head to Dee Jay’s for ‘Coffee Talk’ before I was set for class. (Do not ask how I thought all of this was to happen.) When I woke there was a bit of snow on the ground, I needed to sweep snow off my car. I headed to the newspaper and my car started sliding back down the steep driveway because the school had not laid down salt the night before. I parked illegally to run in and submit the columns. Of course the network was down so I was unable to do so.

I move on to my next destination DeeJay’s house for ‘Coffee Talk’. ‘Coffee Talk’ is a weekly event where this group of lesbian friends gets together to have coffee and breakfast at each other’s home. Somehow, Dee Jay has been accepted into the lesbian enclave and therefore I get to tag along. Score! When I arrived I helped Jarrod in the kitchen before everyone started to arrive. Poor Jarrod had to go to work so he did not get a chance to stay for breakfast. After breakfast, everyone then goes to work on house projects, shop or see a movie together. Today the project was to go pull up the carpet at one of the girls father’s house. (I was not expected to join in on this. Thank goodness!) These girls were super-nice to me and made sure I was included in the conversations. I was invited to the next ‘Coffee Talk’. Double score!
At one point earlier in the day, I decided either I was not going to class or I was going in late. I opted not to go, helped DeeJay clean up, and got a chance to watch the L Word while I edited and submitted my columns.

We watched more tv and decided that we were hungry so we took a chance and tried to cook without Jarrod. We came out with some delicious pasta. Sleep was taking over my mind so I headed home with a to-go container of our chicken pasta mixture. I told DeeJay to call me later as we were both invited to Jarrod’s White Trash Birthday party. I got home and fell fast asleep. Set my alarm to wake me in five hours. DeeJay had called me at some point to make sure I was still going. I got dressed and headed out the door.
Once there I got to meet Jarrod’s friends and cousin. The one other person I knew there was Holly. She is a nice girl with an awesome haircut. I had fears before that he was trying to hook her up with Bianca but I think she is way too smart and perceptive to tackle that project. I hope we can become friends as she has plans to move to Kansas City soon and knows no one here.
Dinner consisted of chicken fries from Burger King accompanied by an array of dipping sauce packets, green eggs and spam, rotelle cheese dip, tater tot casserole, and coca-cola cake. We divided ourselves into three groups and played Cranium. For the first half of the game we were playing completely wrong. Upon further reading of the directions we finally figured it out but not before some groups were way behind and others way ahead – we then started everyone from a middle point and continued to play. Throughout the evening Bianca kept calling both DeeJay and Jarrod - it was a bit much after a while. Between smoke breaks, humdingers, and blind sketches we finally finished the game after what felt like two hours.

I decided to leave as I wanted to head by the paper and then find food and my bed at home. That was not to be as I received a phone call from my mad scientist friend, Tiff. She demanded that I join her at Fric n Frac due to being ignored by her girlfriend and trapped with a bunch of under-21 lesbians – most of who have slept with her girlfriend. This is never good if you have half a brain. So of course I went.
I got there and Tiff ran to me and hugged me tight. This isn’t too out of the ordinary for her but I was taken back because her girlfriend was there. I spotted Ashley across the table and decided to greet her. She looked up to see who poked her and jumped up to hug me. As she did Tiff shouts, “That is a kiss me look not a hug me look!” Ashley and I roll our eyes and talk a little bit. The server comes up to ask if I wanted to order. Got an beef/lamb gyro – one of the reasons I could never be a vegetarian.

I sit on the stools off to the side so Tiff can tell me her girl troubles. By this time, I have stolen Ashley’s phone and her glasses as well. I take photos of myself in the glasses . Have I mentioned that I look absolutely adorable in glasses? It’s true.
I cannot get her damned phone to set my picture as the caller id so I leave the photo on her phone. I snap a picture of her for my caller id. Talk to Tiff some more. She goes to talk with her girlfriend and I make Ashley sit down with me to update me on the changes she is making. It seems she has matured a lot lately. Decided to step back from falling in and out of love (yea right) and take care of her health and overall life. I think this is awesome and wish her all of the luck in the world. We tackle the gossip surrounding her. In between this Tiff is trying to hug up on me and stand between my legs, luckily her girlfriend starts paying attention to her, she leaves to pda with her. Ashley then tells me what her actual numbers are. Find out that I was definitely the first to get her off. I gave a cheer and she laughed. Sex is such tricky business in the world of lesbians.

More younger lesbian showed up. Make some small talk with Cassondra. At this point, I decided to escape just as everyone had decided to check out Ashley’s new stereo system. After I pay my bill there is a good 10 to 15 teenage lesbians standing around the parking lot with loud music playing. I was frightened as I had my ‘old moment’. I pretty much sped out of there.
Home for sleep. Had to get up early in order to start/finish my Boykin article. Worked through most of that when it came time for me to leave, I wanted to get a chai from the Planet before I headed to class. When I arrived Kathryn, Maria, Melissa, and Destin greeted me. Maria and Destin asked what happened to me on Friday night. I told them that we were at the Planet and elsewhere. Maria gives me a funny grin and laughs under her breath – she knows we will talk about it Monday morning. I get chided for my bad phone skills and having others make phone calls for me. I feel bad but not.

I sit down and immediately turn around to talk to Kathryn. The rest leave soon. We talk for a bit before I need to head off to class.
Class was so boring but really short. Our lab only took a couple of hours. I have time to kill and an article to finish so I roll back to the Planet. I decide to get some artisan tea and grab a pack of smokes – writing is so much easier with these tools at hand. The gay men and Britney Spears had invaded the coffeehouse but I still got the article finished.
Headed back to the paper with pizza and soda for our workshop and meeting.

Workshop and meeting over I have been sitting here writing. It has been a happy but hectic week. I am sure this week will be less hectic but I still need to work on modifying my schedule. I need to keep a better balance between social and work so I don’t fall into these over-social patterns. I wish I didn’t work so much but if I didn’t I wouldn’t get to go on the trips I have planned for this year. I want my weekends back, dammit!

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